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Costa Almeria - 4 bedrooms Villa

Location: beach Location: golf Location: rural Location: town
€360,000 (£341,640)
Costa Almeria
Nearest City
Saltador, El (pulpi)

4 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Description Features Gallery Amenities

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For houses on a plot of flat land, this one should be at the top of the list. Through a tarmac road, the house offers easy access to visitors and potential home buyers. Airy, with wide windows and large living spaces, families, whether on vacation or intent on buying a second home, are to move around with great and glorious freedom. Junior can run around. Your family princess can practice her jumps for ballet class. Fido has enough room to roll over and play dead. Entertaining guests, having intimate dinner parties and hosting birthday celebrations for 11 year-old kids—there's so much room that you can already start looking forward to these events. There’s an open plan lounge, dining area as well as fully fitted kitchen. The three terraces as well as the mezzanine balcony with windows offer viewers stunning sights that even the great painter Titian would have wept over with ecstatic bliss. There’s also a garage and workshop area. Fancy touches include the ornamental balustrade so going down or up the stairs is always a delight. However, the house’s electricity run is being powered by a generator at the moment. The owner is willing to offer a bit of help with the costs of installing a main electric or solar and wind power.

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