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Costa Almeria - 3 bedrooms Villa

Location: beach Location: golf Location: rural Location: town
€365,000 (£346,385)
Costa Almeria
Nearest City
Pinar, El

3 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
Description Features Gallery Amenities

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When you begin to think like artists, you start to find meaning in even the most common occurrences. It is this emphasis on meaning and symbolism that just may give your home the kind of character you hope and look for. If there is no meaning to the style of your home--if it does not mean anything to you at all and you simply chose it because it was the most convenient--then all you have are just pointless displays of material goods. You might argue that function--a courtyard to relax in or stroll along--has a point to it and we are right. But as an emotional and mental being, you must be compelled to do so much more. Without your own creative input, your house--your home interiors--become no more than a collection of meaningless objects. Life is an artwork of the grandest proportions. And you have been invited to collaborate. To make a house that not only delights the eye but also expresses the soul--that's the mark of a true home. And this property exhibits all those qualities and more. Full of character, of spirit. In as much as it may have seemed that you've been waiting for the house you've always dreamed of, this house has waited too. The property is a short distance from El Pinar village. When you feel like it, you could go to the village and play tourist. Wander on foot, you'd see more of the town that way. Leave your ride in the private drive or parking area. Snap some shots. Cross the street and visit the craft shops. Check out the gift stores. Loiter at the windows. There's lots and lots to see. If you feel blisters starting to form along your heels, just rub the heel of your foot and walk some more. When you've seen enough and want to settle down already, go back and enjoy the roomy courtyard that the house comes along with. There are three bedrooms and 3 bathrooms so that means if you want to bring over a friend, no need to hesitate. Just call and tell them to come over. It's ideal for the gang. Need anything else? What are you still hanging around for?

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