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Costa Almeria - 5 bedrooms Villa

Location: beach Location: golf Location: rural Location: town
€525,000 (£498,225)
Costa Almeria
Nearest City
Cerricos, Los

5 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
Description Features Gallery Amenities

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A land steaming with mist. A green countryside lovely in the morning rains. Plains of lush and vivid green. Such sights are slowly becoming lost to us in the name of good ol’ progress. As the encroaching development of civilization steadily continues, it’s no longer a remote possibility that one day, we’ll all wake up and there won’t be any trees or lovely sceneries left. Only tall buildings, highways and structures made of treated glass. Good thing, houses like this are still around. Located right in the middle of the countryside, just a little distance from El Saliente, this home stands on a 2,368 m2 plot. It has a number of lovely features: spacious terraces, a little golf course, and a stream. Quite idyllic really. So much so that you can actually turn this land into a camp ground if you wanted to or a Bed and Breakfast inn. You already have the right landscape for it, the only thing missing are the cottages. You can even name it BoBolink Meadow like some writers do with quaint settings in a number of children’s stories. For more urban features, the pool area is a definite advantage—the water feels wonderful in the middle of a long, hot summer day. So is its terrace, where you and your friends can eat lunch, have long-winded discussions about love and life, patience and passion. In the afternoon, when everyone’s ready for a bit of air or rink, mix and offer them to your pals or stock on sodas in the bar by the terrace. There are bandstand style covered eating areas, a barbeque and dining spot. The house also has a workshop, with lots of room and light. Park your rides in the double garage and when the rest of your friends come over, the extra parking will come in handy.

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