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Costa Almeria - 3 bedrooms Villa

Location: beach Location: golf Location: rural Location: town
€173,000 (£164,177)
Costa Almeria
Nearest City

3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Description Features Gallery Amenities

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Aggrieved? Tired of tap dancing for the boss? Ready to throw in the towel at work? Put the kabosh on all the stress-inducing factors in your life. Don’t bide your time until you think you’ll be ready. Some things in life, you just gotta grab by the horns. The best way to deal with office stress is to hit the road. Grab your sweetheart’s hand and prepare yourself for a bit of well-deserved holiday merriment! In this little gem of a house, you can experience the kind of vacation you’ve been dreaming of for ages. Renovated with care, this charmingly restored village is the perfect getaway spot to fix you right up and put you back in the groove. The lovely and peaceful Spanish village is absolutely enchanting. If you and your partner are in the mood for a bit of people-watching, check out the local café. Watch the local folks chat, sip their cups of morning coffee, mill around and generally talk to each in the way of small towns, where everyone knows everybody else. Nothing could be farther from the glitz of Beverly Hills or the palaces in Monte Carlo. But nothing could ever have called to your soul more than this little postcard village, the stores and shops both tidy and prim, their colors faded by the vagaries of weather and time. Located in this quaint Spanish village, the house offers the most breathtaking views of the countryside. The house is quite a short distance off from Cariatriz, so if you don’t need to go far if you find yourself hankering for a bar and other shops. The Mojacar coastal resort, too, is a mere 25 minutes off. The house comes with shuttered windows. If you buy the property, you and your partner can paint the shutters yellow. On hot summer days, you’d close the windows against the sun and open them at night when so you could listen to your voice in the silence. There’s also a kitchen and beamed ceilings. Negotiations are open for the furniture. So if you feel the days catching up with you, maybe it’s time to take a break from it all. Don’t wait it out. Look after yourself. Look after your needs.

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