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Costa Almeria - 7 bedrooms Cortijo

Location: beach Location: golf Location: rural Location: town
€450,000 (£427,050)
Costa Almeria
Nearest City
Alamos, Los

7 Bedrooms
Description Features Gallery Amenities

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Instead of flawless expanses of chemically treated bluegrass that give off an assembly-line look for a number of houses built like identical shoeboxes today, you get to enjoy so many the local sights for which Oria is well known for. With so much history to offer, even if you just stroll and roam around, you'd be able to see signs of past habitations. There's a tower that they say have been standing since ancient times. In this postcard-pretty town, there's little chance that you'd encounter cookie-cutter yards that do little to raise the spirit or soothe the soul. What you'll find, instead, are gardens tended to with care, designed creatively and perhaps lovingly, places of retreat that still invite you to sit down. Places that seem to say "We can talk. We have time." That's exactly the feeling you'd get in this house. Situated in the highland town of Oria, it's just 45 minutes away from the stunning ski resorts of Sierra Nevada when you drive. Aside from the watch towers, the valleys filled with almond gardens that blossom into sweetness and wheat fields that seem fog-gray in the early morning mist add for a very wonderful experience. Don't miss out on such wonders.

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