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The impressive town of Villaricos is one of the best fishing villages in Spain. Situated at the foot of the mountains of Sierra Almagera, Villaricos takes pride in its fishing and tourism industries that have become the local’s main source of income.

Villaricos is a rich village with an equally rich history. In the past, numerous silver mines can be found and it is where Villaricos derived its name. Urban legend says that when Hannibal besieged Rome, it was in Villaricos where he paid his mercenaries.

The fishing and tourism industry made Villaricos prosperous and an attractive tourist destination. Its climate is excellent with a cool breeze during summer and mild winters. It is also known for the two superb beaches that are unspoilt and not crowded despite their being a favourite tourist spot. Along the beaches of Villaricos is a beach bar (chiringuito) that serves delectable fish cuisine and seafood restaurants serving only the freshest catch.

Villaricos is an ideal place for relaxation as locals and tourists can relax peacefully in any of the two harbours in town . The strong fishing community in Villaricos is complemented by the recent developments of villas and hotels.

Caves are also in abundance in Villaricos. In the eastern part are the coves called ‘Cuevas Alamazora’ and a track that leads to Velez Rubio where the Baroque-style and lavish Iglesia de la Encarnación stands.
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3 bedrooms Villa

Meander along the shore. Throw rocks into the sea. Watch every surge and movement of the water. The appeal of the beach never seems to go out of style. And a villa within a few minutes away from the sand and surf seriously sounds like the next best thing. If you like the idea so...
price: €324,950 (£308,378)
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