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Vera Playa

Located in the south-eastern part of Spain, Vera Playa lies only 8 km inland from Vera. It is near Garrucha, whose excellent harbour boasts an excellent fishing industry. Vera Playa, which literally means ‘the beach of Vera’ has a beach that makes for a perfect holiday destination.

Vera Playa offers the perfect climate all year round: long summers, warm winters, and balmy springs and autumns. Vera Playa is an ideal place to live in and visit because its dry climate is excellent for those suffering from arthritis and excellent for human health.

People from different parts of Europe have already invested in their own house or apartment so they can have a home away from home while in Vera Playa. More than 2,000 bungalows, houses, and apartments are open in Vera Playa, perfect for tourists looking for accommodation for special holidays and quick weekend getaways.

A cool breeze can be felt in Vera Playa even in summers. The beach is superb with its crystal clear waters and powdery sand. Vera Playa has a naturist zone that is unique and where the naturists still co-exist with the locals. The zone consists of numerous developments fronting the municipality of Vera. In Vera Playa’s naturist zone, one can freely live and be naked whenever and wherever. The restaurants and bars do not have any dress code as well as the communal areas, street, and the beach where people can be in the nude.

Vera Playa, the world’s best naturist beach resort, also has a rich history. It is said to be where Hannibal’s elephants landed during the Roman times. In 1966, two American aircraft crashed and collided with each other above the then village of Vera Playa.
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