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San Juan de Los Torreros

Situated in the northern part of the Almeria coastline, San Juan de Los Torreros boasts many resorts and hotels where luxury accommodation is offered, a sandy beach and crystal waters.

This picturesque village has become a paradise for many divers because of its excellent waters and location along a beautiful bay. The beaches and coves are special because of the ‘bay effect’ on the transparent waters making the place a relaxing destination.

Found in one of the coastlines in the Spanish peninsula, San Juan de Los Torreros has beautiful sea landscapes that are truly breathtaking. The small coves in San Juan de Los Torreros are surrounded by traditional fishermen's cottages in the natural coastline where the best beaches of the Almeria coast can be found. More than 1,500 houses are situated along 10 kilometres of coast making the place an ideal location to stay in or visit. A Volcanic island, cliffs and hidden coves are also must-visit sights while in the beautiful town of San Juan de los Terreross.

One of the most famous destinations in the area is the Cabo de Gata Natural Park which can be found in the southern part of town. Despite the scarcity of vegetation of the Almeria soil, the town takes pride in its seabed that is rich in vegetation and fish. It is regarded as one of the richest marine reserves in Europe. This is why fish cuisine is excellent in San Juan de los Terreros. The town currently has 5 restaurants and two supermarkets specializing in fish cuisine.
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