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The beautiful city of Almeria is situated at the foot of a mountain range on the eastern side of Andalucia. Enclosed by three huge walls, this modern city is large and ideal for movies because of the breathtaking views and rich history.

Almeria was built in the 1600s by the Phoenicians when terrorism by Turkish, Barbarossa, and North African forces affected the southern Mediterranean. However, it was recovered for Spain by the great Ferdinand and Isabella after a long period of occupation by the Romans, Moors, and Carthaginians.

Home to the 2005 Mediterranean Games, the province is an interesting place to visit. Driving through the city, one can notice an endless sea of tunnels. At the heart of the city stands an altar that features the greatest artworks that included a statue of the city’s patron St. Indaletius, paintings by the famous Alonso Cañon, an altar piece by Araoz, and an 18th century tabernacle.

Taking its name from its capital city located on the southern coast of the province, Almeria has managed to become one of Spain’s most visited resort towns. The impression that the province is dull and barren is immediately replaced with wonder as one discovers the beaches of Andalucia which are by far the longest stretches of beaches along the Southern Spanish coast. The calm weather, rich soil and efficient irrigation systems have allowed Andalucia to become the orange and grape basket of Spain.

This Andalucian province, aside from the crystal clear waters, has hidden coves with equally perfect waters. Almeria has different types of landscapes and it is this diversity that allows the locals and travellers to enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities such as paragliding, golf, horseback riding, windsurfing, water sports, hiking, rowing, and sailing.

One of the most popular destinations in the province is the Alcazaba, which is said could hold more than 20,000 men in times of war. The historic Alcazaba provides a spectacular view of the Cathedral and ‘Barrio dela Chanca’. The Cathedral boasts a renaissance façade and gothic style construction.

Other must-see places in Almeria include the Nicolas Salmeron Park, Plaza Vieja for great market finds, Casa de los Puche, Aguadulce for the best apartments and hotels, Roquetas de Mar fishing village, the beautiful Punta Entinas, and Adra for its beaches.

It’s best to visit Almeria in August during the annual fair. All year round, local cuisine that includes "Trigo" (stew with grains of wheat, pork, beans and herbs, "Escabeche e Sardines" (fresh sardines in hot sauce), "Gurullos" (stew with pasta), and "Gachas" (hot and spicy clam stew) are available.

Boasting a wealthy history, castles, quaint villages, crystal clear waters, and numerous cloudless days, Almeria is truly a wonderful place to visit.
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Fabulous, fully-furnished 2 bed 2 bath apartment within the popular Al Andalus Thalassa development in the region of Vera, one of the most picturesque areas of the province of Almeria. The fabulous sandy beaches are just a 2 minute drive from the property, with shops, bars and restaurants...
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