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Girona is famous for an elusive migratory species: the professional cyclist. The tranquil city is frequented by professional cyclists every winter, including five-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. They descend on Girona and breeze through the Pyrenean foothills or along the Mediterranean coast. The city’s temperate climate proves to be very suitable for outdoor sports and activities.

This Catalonian city is rich in history, which is evident in its medieval old city, and a cobbled labyrinth of narrow alleys and watchtowers. Girona is a walled city of Roman origin, located at a strategic point on the route between the Pyrenees and Barcelona. It boasts a medieval ensemble of great importance and interest, where narrow streets and spectacular monuments combine at ease. The cathedral and its treasures symbolize the dominant role of the church in the Middle Ages. The museums exhibit valuable collections of art and archaeology. True enough, Girona is a visual tour of history.

However, some of the attractions of Girona lie in its many adventure spots. Extreme sports is the city’s signature, with its foothills ascending to high-altitude skiing and climbing. The smooth-flowing Onyar River also provides a serene location for less thrill-seeking individuals. A white-sand stretch of beach is also home to many sunbathing locals and tourists, as well as water sports aficionados. Kayaking and diving are perfect inclusions to anyone’s itinerary.

Truly, diverse entertainment can be provided by Girona, for people of all ages.
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