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What are my reasons for buying a property in Spain?

Before embarking on your property hunt, try to be clear of the reasons for the purchase. There are many reasons why you may want to buy a property in Spain. For some, the idea of starting a new life in the sun is justification enough. For others, using their property in Spain may be a retirement aim. The main reason why Spanish property is so popular is for its use as a holiday home - somewhere to escape to, even at short notice. Many properties in Spain are also sold for investment purposes to clients seeking capital appreciation and rental income. Very often, it is possible to combine all of these factors, which is why the average age of the typical purchaser has been dropping over the last 5 years. Many buyers are choosing to buy a property in Spain as a long-term investment with the added benefits of providing a base for holidays and a potential future home. The clearer you are with your ideas and reasons for purchase, the easier the process of finding your ideal place will be.
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