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What is the best way of viewing properties?

Perhaps the most exciting stage of your property purchase in Spain, viewing visits (or inspection trips) are the easiest way of seeing your chosen area of Spain and the most suitable properties within it. Be sure that you don't sign up for a Viewing Trip simply on the basis of cost. Very often, the more the trip is subsidised, the less control you have over your itinerary.

'Cheapest' doesn't always mean 'best'. Most reputable agents will offer a full reimbursement of Viewing Visit costs in the event of purchase. It's important to ensure that you will have some time away from the sales consultant or agent so that you can discuss what you have seen in an objective manner. Depending upon the area, 2 - 3 night viewing trips are normally adequate.

Good agents will have spent time with you on the phone discussing all of your criteria, and should have prepared a shortlist of suitable properties in time for your arrival in Spain. Many buyers try to 'do it themselves' and deal with lots of different agents when they come to Spain independently in search of property. An independent visit is not a bad idea in itself, but a combination of agents can be confusing.

Many agents in Spain have access to networks and multiple listing systems, meaning that agents often have access to the same portfolio of properties. By trying to cover all of the angles, you may actually lose a sense of objectivity by dealing with multiple agents.
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